Saturday, April 27, 2013

Metalsmithing and Ironwork

Welcome to the Desert Awareness Park in Cave Creek Arizona.
I am completely fascinated with the ironwork gated entrance...
The owl is my favorite.
And then of course, that darn rabbit,
sneaking in between the rails.
- Just like the one at home that is always getting into my garden.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Spring Daffodil
1. Made the 2.5 mile hike up a small mountain nearby. Saw 2 chuckwallas and many butterflies.
2. Passing other hikers on their way down I was warned about a rattlesnake, sleeping near the top.
3. Missed the snake. Could not find it. ... My little drama for the day.
4. It was a clear day and very beautiful at the top. Sorry, no camera pics.
5.  Mom died on an Easter Sunday quite a while ago. Every year, I remember her death on April 12th, on the following day I remember the day of her actual birth, April 13th. Coincidence? ...hardly.

Have you ever noticed important dates come together in interesting and special ways?

...Not sure if I really understand or know how to write about randomness but will keep working on it.
ran-dom  adj Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective: random movements.
Doesn't everything have purpose?
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brass Notebook Pendant Necklace

Keep your own personal message in this textured brass pendant.
Includes extra long 27 inch chain length.
The latest addition to my Etsy Shop.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Green Bling

A green czech glass beaded chain was added to the textured brass pendant I completed last week.
Can you tell I like green?

For more information, stop by my Etsy shop by clicking here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Last Chance to Enter This Give Away!


Tomorrow I will draw the name of one lucky winner! This give away is open to everyone. 
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4/10/13 UPDATE:


Christine Altmiller



Monday, April 8, 2013

Boot Camp!

I have really enjoyed following along with some the great ideas posted at Love My Art Jewelry in preparation for their 2nd 2013 Boot Camp -Blog Hop. And now finally, today is the big day for the official blog hop. This one is all about textured metals and I really have had some fun these past few weeks taking my hammer to various pieces of metal. Here is what I have completed so far:

Copper and Brass Rustic Earrings

The copper strips  in the earrings shown above were stamped with a washer.  I learned that masking tape works really well at holding the washers in place while hammering.

Brass and Copper Pendant

The brass pendant was stamped with washers, steel wire and a paperclip. A copper wire wrapped green glass drop was added for color. I also plan to add matching green glass beads to the chain to make the piece complete.

I have built up quite an inventory of copper and brass textures to use for later. Here is a sample of some of the other pieces I am working on...

Work in Process
My work in process includes a second pair of dangles for earrings, a brass notebook pendant, and copper and brass link for a bracelet. These are the pieces I have buffed and polished so far. There's also plenty more rough textured pieces to cut and buff later.

This was a fun project and I look forward to seeing what everyone has put together. Be sure to click on the Boot Camp logo over in the left margin and see...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cellini Spriral Bracelet

Peyote bead stitch is one of my long standing favorites for jewelry making. Adding different size beads can make things more interesting.  Here is a variation of Cellini Spiral I just finished a few days ago.
For more information you can stop by my Etsy Shop.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Aloe Blooms


Stop by and learn more about the "Work of Our Hands" project and enter for a chance to win a necklace and brooch on my blog here. The winner will be announced 4/10/13.

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