Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring in the Desert

Went for a walk today.

And this is what I found...
Desert Lavender
Desert Globe Mallow
Unknown - have you seen this before?
Lots of Brittlebush


Stop by and learn more about the "Work of Our Hands" project and enter for a chance to win a necklace and brooch on my blog here. The winner will be announced 4/10/13.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Paying it Forward With a Chance to Win

This project began with a lovely brooch I had won in a give away listed on a blog called "Work of Our Hands" back in early February.

Work of Our Hands is one woman's story about life in Okajanda, Namibia Africa, what a small group of women are doing there to improve a standard of living. Namibia is a relatively young country having gained independence from South Africa in 1990 and being located along the western coast of Africa bordering Angola, Zambia and Botswana.  The blog author, Val has lived in Namibia with her husband since 2001 and has gathered experience working with these women and exporting their handmade products to the US and EU. She is back in the US presently and hopes to return to Namibia soon. You can find her blog by clicking on Work of Our Hands.  Also stop by her shop at ValsCeramicGarden where some of their handmade items including "Okawa Beads"  are sold. The profits from her etsyshop go back to benefit African women in the Work of Our Hands project.

And Now On With the Give Away...

As you may have guessed, I am so inspired with Val's project that I decided the best thing I could do with my winnings is to sponsor a 2nd give away. I really do love this brooch and was so inspired by the colors that I decided to make some polymer clay beads to match.

The beads have been strung into single strand or lariat style necklace which the brooch can be attached to and displayed as a focal at two different lengths. Like so...

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment with a link to your email address. It would make me so happy if you decided to promote this give away on your blog or spread the word on facebook or will gain extra chances to win each time you choose to promote. If you happen to be a jewelry designer please consider entering to break up my strand and use the beads in one of your own designs... all I ask is that you display the new design on your blog or facebook and be sure to promote Val and her Work of Our Hands Project. I also have left over beads to add to this give away in case you would like more to make a bracelet!
To Win:
  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. For extra points, promote this give away on your blog, facebook and twitter etc. and let me know  in a comment here.
  3. Make sure I have a way of finding your email address.
The Winner Will be Announced on Wednesday April, 10th
4/10/13 Update: Congratulations to Christine Altimiller

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saguaro Seed Bead Necklace II

My second fine silver saguaro bead necklace. This one includes a multi-strand seedbead necklace pulled together with handmade polymer clay cones.


It's very light weight and comfortable to wear for a multi-strand necklace.
And for more information stop by my shop.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Lion's Tail

An African Lion's Tail, or what is left of it after all the bloom is gone.
I ordered the seeds a few years ago out of a seed catalogue just because I thought the big orange blooms looked unusual and rather pretty.
Now I learn the plant has been used for ancient medicinal purposes, been tested and known to cause many toxic adverse effects.
Who'da thunk. Never know what might be growing in your garden.

Leonotis leonurus


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Boot Camp!

Sorry, did not mean to disappoint you, this is not that new 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning workout that is being sponsored over at the local "Y". But actually its even better, Love My Art Jewelry is holding its second JEWELRY BOOT CAMP challenge and it's all about textured metal. For the next few weeks, they will be sharing inexpensive ways to texture metal BY HAND meaning no specialized equipment for etching, stamping, embossing, sandblasting or even rolling milling... (sp! ?).  Got an old hammer?

They will finish textured metal with a blog hop on April 8th so everyone can share what they have been working on. And then its on to the next topic... save your fancy tools for next month.  I'm in.

Happy St. Patty's Day! 
And be sure to stop by Ocean Breeze's blog just because it would not be St. Patty's day without a little Irish Dancing! Even if it is a bit eclectic ;)


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Making Do...

Thought you might like to see what I am working on today.  
Here are some polymer clay beads for a lariat style necklace:
There are more beads to make before they all go into the (toaster) oven. Two or 3 more colors.  Someday, I will have to invest in a metal rack that allows the mandrels to rest lengthwise and can go right into the oven. Until then I will enjoy this styrofoam holding stand for items just-made. The beads look sort of cute and perky, don't you think?  Will transfer them later to a DIY rack made of aluminum foil that stays in the oven.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Old Pennies

While doing some gardening today, I found an old coffee can full of pennies. 
It was out in the backyard.
One of the kiddo's long lost and forgotten treasure...
...finally found.
Poor old copper Lincolns, most aren't worth very much.
Treasure lost but then again...

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