Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Time to Stitch Challenge...oops! a little late

Well, I did complete this little piece for the challenge but as it happens, life sometimes gets in the way and was not able to post it on time. I have an extremely good reason and hope you will forgive me for being a day late!

My peyote stitch challenge is titled "Hopes and Wishes".  - A very teeny beaded purse to hold all my hopes and wishes ;)

I decided to challenge myself in two ways: first by attempting odd count flat peyote stitch. I normally avoid it, because of the extra maneuvers you go through to obtain the even sides. Even count is much faster. But for this design using a triangle shaped closure for the purse, odd count was a requirement.

My second personal challenge was to develop my own design using a paper bead grid/graph. I always have a tough time beading with pre-made patterns, guess I am a free-form sort of person at heart. But - I did it, and I am "O.K." with how it came out...

I won't make you try to guess what the design on the back is supposed to be. It's Buddha's eyelid. Not the greatest rendition, but something I hope my Yoga friends will appreciate.

Thanks to Therese and Christine for organizing this challenge!!!!!