Saturday, May 21, 2016

Recycled Gemstone Americana

Fordite Pendant

Fordite (sometimes also known as motor agate) is an interesting material that I have just been made aware of over the past few years. It is actually the cut and polished result of many layers of baked paint enamel left over from an old manufacturing process for painting cars. Various sized cabochons and beads can be found in a beautiful array of colors and swirling patterns. You can even pick out which layers of paint are flat among other layers with metallic flecks within each polished "stone". Compared to other stones, it is a soft material so be sure to avoid harsh chemicals and potential scratches. Treat in a way similar to how you might care for a pearl.

This fordite pendant comes on a 40 inch beaded rope necklace made with 
tiny 15/0 seed beads and a matching copper clasp.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Love That Long Necklace

What can you do with a 44 inch chain?
Opera Length Plus

Wear it Long...


Or Double It ...

Of Course.

This one can even be knotted, if you like.