Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sewing Is A Healing Craft

Thumbnail for version as of 00:28, 15 October 2009So here we all are nearing the 10th anniversary of 911. Much has changed and yet much thankfully has remained the same. I saw an amazing newscast recently about the journey of an American flag and the communities it has touched. This particular flag flew at the World Trade Center before and after the events of 911. During its final days at ground zero, it reached a severe state of disrepair. The flag was eventually removed from where it flew at the side of a damaged building and was put away.

Seven years later the flag found itself among a community of people who took it across the country to be restored stitch by stitch. Local heroes of more recent tragedies were invited to stitch the flag. Its final tour for restoration was completed last month. It will be returned to the site of the World Trade Center to hang in the 911 Memorial Museum scheduled to open next year. Sewing is a healing craft.

photo by Bill Koplitz

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  1. Nice story Lisa, all of us that were alive and old enough to remember and witness the events of the horrible day 10 years ago have come to deal with it in our own way. It is nice to know that some healed while healing the American Flag that once flew at the World Trade Center and will now fly there again.


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