Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ancient Jewelry

It never hurts to look at ancient artwork and jewelry for inspiration in the things we like to wear today.  I can't help catching myself saying, "hey, I could make that!" ...and hitting the realization that many metalworking and fabrication techniques I am familiar with have lasted through the ages. To say it more clearly, the bronze ages. The ancient Greeks (Mycenaean civilization) used a number of techniques including a process that involved stamping out bead forms from gold sheet using dies. Gold was imported by the early Greeks and used quite prevalently. The beaded gold and cornelian necklace shown in the photo below is known to be Cypriot (island of Cyprus) with a Mycenaean influence from 1400-1200 BC.

                                    Photo by Jastrow

*For more information on ancient jewelry check this link:


  1. Beautiful and in good shape to be from 1400 to 1200 BC.

  2. Beautiful piece! I find that looking at ethnic and vintage jewelry is a fantastic inspiration!


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