Monday, August 26, 2013

Inspiration Updates From Florida

Florida is fabulous. It's fun exploring new places with lots of interesting things to do. From vibrant coastal cities like Miami with exciting night life to the quite slow moving rivers and bays where manatees can be found. Florida can be seen as a place of many contrasts and great beauty. The name Florida, actually means "feast of flowers" from Spanish and their lushness can be found everywhere. It is also the water; the beaches, oceans, hurricane clouds and everglades that make this place awesome, unique and so visually appealing.

Are you ready for some scuba diving down by the Keys? Check out this YouTube video by
Ryan Lawrence who  kindly agreed to let me post it on my blog:

(Turn on the volume for this one!)

Such beautiful underwater video photography and what a fantastic source of inspiration for making jewelry. Our friends over at Cousin asked me and the rest of the new Creative Circle Ambassadors to design a piece of jewelry around the theme of Florida.  Here is the necklace I made with all glass beads, gemstone bead components and findings available at Prima Bead, the online retailer for Cousin. I think I am going to call this necklace:
Diving Off the Keys.
Jellyfish Beaded End Caps
Do you want to know how I made them? A simple variation of circular peyote stitch.
For more details, drop me a note.

And this is how it sits. Beautiful treasure from under the sea!


By the Way, Did You Know?

Moonstones are the Official State Gem of Florida.
Cousin Corporation is headquartered in Largo FL, not too far from Tampa.

Ten Pulitzer Prizes have been awarded to writers who lived on Key West, including
Ernest Hemingway.

The U.S. city with the highest rate of lightning strikes per capita is Clearwater FL.
Taxes are relatively low here, the state constitution prohibits income tax.

Additional Sources:


  1. sounds like a fun trip for you-and I Love your necklace-just gorgeous-I would definately wear that-but I love your work! hugs

  2. There is so much going on under the sea and the colors, shapes, textures are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing the video. I just love your necklace! It is a real beauty! VERY FL and VERY sand and sea. Enjoyed your FL facts too...moonstone is a favorite!

  3. Gorgeous!!! love it. You do such beautiful work Lisa. And, I learned something. I did not know that moonstones were the official gem of Florida.

  4. Those blues under the water are even more amazing than above, Lisa! I doubt I'll ever get there in person, so great to watch Ryan's video. Your necklace is a fantastic interpretation of the theme, the jellyfish bead caps are awesome and that little red flower is just the right touch.

  5. Amazing colors in both the video and your creations Lisa.

  6. That's a really great necklace. I love it!

  7. Great necklace! Love the jelly fish end caps and their name!

  8. The video has me drooling! My boyfriend and I plan on moving to FL hopefully within a couple of years. His parents and sister live down there and absolutely love it!
    Your necklace is a stunner! I love the ends. Jelly fish are a great source of inspiration. The flower accent adds a perfect finishing touch.

  9. Yay, love it! Feels like vacation!

  10. I keep coming back to this. I love everything about your necklace Lisa! The colors and textures are amazing! So excited to see what else you create this year for the Cousin Creative Circle!


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