Thursday, October 10, 2019

Something Beautiful and Unexpected

Hidden Treasures of Lake Powell
It's hard to find a better day than one spent exploring a quite side 
canyon of Lake Powell by paddle board.

Lake Powell is Arizona's grandest desert lake formed by the Colorado River and Glen Canyon Dam. Some say the beauty of the  many canyons that form the lake, 96 separate canyons in all, easily rival the Grand Canyon found further south. I tend to agree.

One narrow canyon waterway leads to the entrance of Rainbow Bridge National Monument. The Bridge considered sacred by Navajos and other Native Americans for generations. Visitors may view the bridge from a distance, they are not allowed to walk under it. 
The area is only accessible by boat or difficult hiking trails.

A tranquil morning looking out over Last Chance Bay,  
no cell phones, no computers, just everything you can imagine.

Special thanks to:
Cousin Tom
Cousin Daryl


  1. So nice to hear from you Lisa! and what a perfect spot you've found here at Lake Powell!! I do love getting of the grid, literally off the grid. No one can call me, no expectation of needing to check my email .. just you and nature. And look at the view you picked!

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog. Want a wonderful part of the World you live in, this is incredible - for someone in the UK it seems totally unreal to paddle over to a beautiful, inaccessible place like this, thanks for sharing. I browsed through your blog, you have some beautiful scenery (flowering cacti, desert) and you are a very talented lady with your jewellery (loved the Halloween comission). Nice to find your blog so I am following Betty

  3. What a stunning backdrop to enjoy! A perfect place to unwind and recharge without technology.


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