Monday, October 28, 2013

Day of the Dead Blog Hop

The end of October is here and what better way to celebrate then with a Halloween/Day of the Dead Blog Hop hosted by Diana at Suburban Girl Studios.  I decided it would be fun to focus on the Day of the Dead since there are a lot of activities and events going on now through the first week of November in the Phoenix area, where I live.

Day of the Dead originates from Mexico, but it is celebrated throughout the southwestern United States and other parts of the world. It is a joyful celebration for family members who have died.
This celebration can be considered a blending of Aztec and Catholic traditions.

Here's a fun video of a Day of the Dead celebrated in Hollywood California last year:

And here are my jewelry pieces :
Handmade Polymer Clay Skull Beads
Copper Wire Work
Hand Made Polymer Clay Skull Beads
and Colorful Howlite Flower Beads
More Polymer Clay Skulls Formed and Painted By Me
Stop by and see more great designs by these participating artists:

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Dianne Miller
Lisa Liddy

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  1. Wow Lisa this is very cool. I also love your incredibly beautiful jewelry. B

  2. Love the colorful beads with the skulls - so fun and lively (is one allowed to call skulls lively?)!

  3. The makeup in the video is amazing! I wish the Day of the Dead was celebrated up my way. I love the concept of celebrating for loved ones who passed on. Those skull beads are fantastic and must have been so fun to work with.

  4. Your skulls are beautiful, Lisa! The Mexican culture gets this one right IMHO.

  5. These pieces are so joyful and colorful! The skulls are wonderful! What detail! The Day of the Dead is such a great way to honor Life...the life of those who have passed on and the life they brought to us.
    I chuckled when I saw the howlite flowers...I was having a particularly rough day 2 weeks ago and had to go the the craft store to get an item...instead I came home with those same flowers...they are not a normal part of my repertoire, but they were just so cheerful and I needed them at that moment. I have plans, but not anywhere near as brilliant as yours.

    1. hi Christine, Aren't those howlite beads gorgeous? They practically jumped off the shelf at me -I had to get some... the colors are so amazing and can't wait to see what you do with yours ;)

  6. Those pieces are amazing. I love all of them, especially the necklace. It captures the spirit of the day beautifully.

  7. I love what you made! I'd wear all of them! Thank you for participating!

  8. Great skulls, and the colors are perfect for Dia de los Muertos!

  9. Wonderful pieces of art!! They are fabulous! Thanks for sharing the video too! Made me want to be there! Happy Halloween!

  10. Great post and I love all the pieces you made!

  11. Very nice, I really like your sugar skulls and the bright colored beads.
    Lori in Atlanta

  12. Thanks for sharing the video, it was awesome. I love how so many in this blog hop shared something about this holiday!

  13. I love these, they capture the joy of the celebration.

  14. Great job on all those sugar skulls! What fun pieces!

  15. OMG! Super cute! I love all your sugar skulls. and the bright colors. I'd wear any one of them.

  16. I love the sugar skulls you created. So fun and colorful!

  17. The sugar skulls you made are adorable. Nice colors, good detail!

  18. Lisa, I REALLY like all of your pieces - they are just perfect. i love all the colors and your polymer clay skulls you created are fabulous! It really is a fun week with all the festivities for Dia de las Muertos here in the Valley, isn't it? Wish I could get out and enjoy some of it! :-)

  19. Fabulous pieces! I love your little skulls!

  20. these are fabulous Lisa-you do such good work-love those skulls-off to check out the others

  21. Hi Lisa!! This holiday looks to be a lot of fun! Look at those colours in the costumes and also in your wonderful work!!
    I never heard of this celebration before. Thanks for enlightening me.

  22. Wow! Your work is so bright and colorful! I love your skulls, and the way you used them. What fun designs

  23. Your Day of the Dead creations are fabulous. I love all the colors you incorporated into each of them! So fun and lively!!

  24. I'm a big fan of DOD traditions and love your jewelry creations Lisa -- can't believe you made those skulls! Awesome. :)

  25. such fun sugar skulls! and I do think that DOD is a nice way to celebrate and remember those you love that are passed. great post!


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