Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Fifty Holiday Earrings...Yeah!!! I Made It!

Last month I challenged myself to make 50-100 holiday earrings.  Well, guess what?
I MADE IT!!!! Yeahhhh!!! Here are the first 50:

Spent most of yesterday stamping and punching cardstock... just in time for a show later this week.  Here is my first attempt at cost efficient display. Received the hammered copper tub as part of a gift last year am glad I hung on to it!!! Installed a cardboard shelf with slats into the tub to give the earrings some height and exposure. I am still fine tuning so let me know if you have any suggestions ;)

Still have plenty of time before the holidays and look forward to making more!


  1. Congratulations Lisa, on reaching your goal. The earrings are so cute and they should sell like hot cakes. The copper tub looks good, people like to flip through things in containers.

  2. Love the copper tub and the colorful earring cards. Very inviting :)

  3. Wow, what a feat!! I hope you had a great show.

  4. Just joined your blog- and went back a couple posts. Just wanted to say how lovely and inviting your display looks. LOVE the cardstock. I bet you sold a lot!


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