Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Lion's Tail

An African Lion's Tail, or what is left of it after all the bloom is gone.
I ordered the seeds a few years ago out of a seed catalogue just because I thought the big orange blooms looked unusual and rather pretty.
Now I learn the plant has been used for ancient medicinal purposes, been tested and known to cause many toxic adverse effects.
Who'da thunk. Never know what might be growing in your garden.

Leonotis leonurus



  1. Beautiful photo and artwork. I love them.

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    Please come and join us if you have time :)

  2. What a neat plant. I think it looks pretty even without the bloom. But if it's toxic, that's not good!

  3. Very artistic views of this plant. So many of the pretty ones are toxic, like foxglove, but we live with them and love them, but educate the children. xx

  4. Beautiful photo, and I love the artistic edit!

  5. Hope to see the live blooms this summer? The seed pods are full of texture -- thanks so much for sharing at TM this week, Lisa! xo

  6. Very nice. I love seeds and weeds. THanks for the visit.

  7. It has an interesting seed head. Nice photos!

  8. Oh interesting shots!

    Jewelry boot camp sounds really fun


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