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Challenge of Travel Blog Hop

  Welcome! You are in for something special today, a fabulous tour of jewelry designs inspired by all the wonderful and exotic travel destinations of the world.  Many thanks  to Erin Prais-Hintz and Marcie Abney Carroll for challenging fellow artists to do a little research on a foreign travel destination and design a jewelry piece around it. So without further delay, here is your next stop:

Sri Lanka - Mystic Land of Waterfalls and Elephants

Sri Lanka is a tropical island in the Indian Ocean near the eastern coast of India. It is located along major sea routes and was once an important stop along the ancient Chinese Silk Road. In addition to beautiful beaches for surfing along the coast you can also find mangrove forests, rolling planes and mountains to the south. The island is supported by many rivers and has 51 natural waterfalls. There are many parks and reserves with a rich variety of wildlife including peacocks, leopards and elephants.
File:Bomburu ella falls.jpg
Buddhika Mawella
 Sri Lanka is culturally diverse. A majority of the population is Sinhalese with Tamil being the second largest ethnic group. Buddhism has had a major influence since ancient times though many Hindus, Muslims and Christians are also found living there today. Colombo is the largest city and you don't want to miss an elephant parade if you have an opportunity to visit.
Another important thing you should consider doing while visiting Sri Lanka is to join the pilgrimage and climb Sri Pada, also known as Adam's Peak.  This peak is considered to be the most sacred site of the entire country. It carries a deep religious significance among the four major religions of Sri Lanka. The morning view from the top seems well worth the trip.
File:Sri Pada 08.jpg
Bernard Gagnon

Other things to know :
                          1,) Formerly ruled by the British Empire.
                          2.) Ceylon Tea is a major export product.
                          3.) Liz Taylor starred in the 1954 film made here called Elephant Walk.
                          4.) Click here for a current travel advisory.
Quite an interesting place to visit! -And here is my inspiration piece:


The Elephant Walk Necklace

I wanted to incorporate Sri Lanka's tropical forests, its waterfalls and of course the elephants.

 The 18 inch necklace features a fine silver pendant, hollow beads and fused chain findings made by me. The green and blue lampwork snail beads were made at Beatle Baby Glassworks, the hand dyed silk ribbon came from Jamn Glass. And, the little elephant Czech glass beads were acquired through Beads and Babble.

It was fun working with silk ribbon and it seems to go well with the wired fine silver beads.
I hope you like it.
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Enjoy the trip!
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  1. The necklace is gorgeous. I love the ribbon and the little elephants. It truly is a walk through the country.

  2. That was cool! I am so glad you included a picture of the necklace on the display. The silk you used is gorgeous and I wanted to see how it draped while on!

  3. Omigosh, I love that necklace! The silk ribbon, the silver, the elephants! Just beautiful! You truly captured the essence of the phrases you used in the beginning of the road, land of waterfalls and elephants.......I could just picture myself being rocked along past a waterfall on the back of an elephant. Beautiful work!

  4. Have you seen the movie? I have it is a great movie. Love the necklace, you have depicted the land and the elephants so well. Beautiful and happy travels!

  5. I sure hope Netflix has the movie ;) I love love love elephants and this necklace is gorgeous. Excellent job.

  6. I love the elephants, they are so cute! Lovely necklace, really captures the elements you wanted I think.

  7. I love the necklace!! The silk is beautiful with it!!!

  8. I love that elephant walk! My daughter is nuts about them. The necklace combines all that is special about this beautiful country. Thank you for taking this journey with me! Enjoy the day. Erin

  9. Your handmade component are beautiful, and I especially love the incorporation of the silk and the tusk!!! This is a beautiful necklace and you it lives up to your inspiration for sure!

  10. A lovely and elegant necklace - love the elephants!

  11. I love the look of Sari Silk in jewelry. It is so soft and delicate. Also love the "elephant walk" you did. Great Job!

  12. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for letting me come along on your trip to Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful and fastinating place. I love your keepsake necklace that you made, it is so beautiful with the flowing silk ribbon to represent the waterfalls and silk trade, the elephant walk, and the silver reminds me of the morning fog seen from the top of Sri Pada. Gorgeous!

  13. Very cute necklace! Love the elephant walk (which I've only seen in photos)! Thanks for a great post!

  14. Lovely necklace... I'm still somewhat fabric challenged although I do try and incorporate silk ribbons into necklaces now... there was some silk in my bowl of components for my tour it just never made it into the necklace!

  15. Sri Lanka sounds like a very exotic place. When I read about the elephant parade the first thing I though was there must be some heavy duty pooper scoopers!

    I love the necklace you made with the beautiful lampwork beads, silk, and the wonderful parade of elephants.

  16. I love the silk you used & the elephant walk is wonderful!

  17. Oh yes, I do quite like it indeed. Beautiful and lush, a perfect home for your little elephants!

  18. Cutie cute elephants.Lovely piece.Love and hugs Tanya

  19. Lisa, that is a beautiful necklace joining the flowing silk waterfall to the stately line of elephants nose-to-tail on their walk! Ceylon is a beautiful nation, and you have shown us a glimpse of the land and people... loved that video clip!

  20. Your necklace pays beautiful tribute to the elephants, rain forests and waterfalls of this stunningly diverse country! I really like the ribbon element mimicking the waterfalls (my favorite part). Really wonderful design and interesting information on Sri Lanka.


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