Friday, November 8, 2013

Hang'n Out at the Y...

Random 5 Friday
Rubber Handle Grip on My Bike

1. Went to the gym today, same exercise routine, but it never gets boring.
2. It amazes me to see what people will pay athletic trainers to get them to do. -This is what I saw today on the sidewalk in front of the gym: people, adults mind you, teamed up in groups of two doing a pulling exercise with a canvas belt that sort of looks like "horse and driver".  At least 6 teams, politely taking turns running up and down the sidewalk playing horsey and driver...
3. A lady on the rowing machine next to me, twice my age going twice my speed. C'mon girly pick it up! PICK IT UP!
4. Woo hoo! 30 minutes on the CYBEX mighty Arc Trainer today. What's that on the display screen, LVL?WATTS? WT? CALS? BPM? hashtags?  too many acronyms. Hey anybody got a drivers manual?
5. Tomorrow I will take it easy, recover, walk the dog.
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  1. all that exercise I am impressed, not so impressed with the group exercise thing though, cool macro shot!

  2. too cute. that photo is great! complete unrecognizable as anything other than maybe tread on a wheel.

  3. horse and driver...the image is scaring me!

  4. Laughing at the playing horsey workout -- not in my lifetime honey! :)


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