Friday, September 13, 2013

Random 5

First Love, Cunningham

1. I have had the family room to myself to watch television this week for some odd reason.  The dog jumps on my lap and promptly falls asleep. The cat sits on the arm of the chair, glares at the dog, and nudges me for attention. And then I get this maddening urge to get up and get a drink or turn a light off.  But I can't of course.

2.  Sometimes its nice to be trapped (see #1).

3. Found a baby tarantula in the house yesterday. He was kind-a cute for a hairy spider. Guess who was designated for pest removal...

4.  Am amazed at the number of photos I took for a necklace today. What did people do before digital  cameras?

5. I actually found 2 old 35mm cameras in the back of a cupboard this week. One was still in the box, a free gift from a subscription to Time magazine. Why am I saving this, a white elephant gift?


  1. I love feeling trapped by our kitty:) I make my hubby go and get/do things, saying "I have a kitty on my lap". Stopping by and saying hi from A Rural Journal:

  2. ha! that would be a great white elephant gift! spiders. hmmmm.... don't care what size they are. don't like them one bit

  3. did the second camera have a roll of film in it?
    how do you remove a tarantula? creepy!
    the animal trap...never have to squirm until that happens :-)
    this post was thoroughly enjoyable :-) hope you have a great weekend, Lisa!

  4. Oh that 35mm camera makes me remember all the fun I used to have. I actually have three rolls of new B+W film sitting in my frig. It is so expensive to develop now I am not sure what to do. I do love digital and yes the photos sure do add up:) I love your shots. Spider yikes:)B

  5. What a fun random 5 Lisa ... I wonder if big DSLRs will go by the wayside as phone cameras become more and more sophisticated.


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