Friday, July 26, 2013

My New Supersized 4 x 4 Tool Box

Well, it's not actually "4 x 4" but I think you get the idea. Having suddenly received this windfall of beading supplies courtesy of Cousin, I was seriously pressed for new storage space. And luckily I was "gifted" with a brand spanking new tool box (my hubby hadn't used it yet) that fits the beads and findings perfectly... with a little room to spare ;) Thank you darling!!!

I still have to dress up the inside drawers with some pretty contact paper and small storage organizers and it will be good to go. The top is perfect to store my work in process and the three sliding drawers actually lock in place when the top is closed. How efficient is that? These tool boxes are certainly well thought out. Much better, I suppose, than a fishing tackle box. Now I am ready for some super sized, heavy duty put- a-petal-to-the-metal bead work. Hey and it's portable too.

Looking at the top left  should give you a hint of the colors I am working on for my first project... 
What are you organizing today?


  1. I am continuously organizing EVERYTHING... it seems I just manage to fit it all in, and then along comes an order or two to throw a wrench in the whole plan LOL. Must say those components look tantalizing, Lisa!

  2. Great way to keep your stash in order. Love this!

  3. That's a great storage solution. I recently bought four boxes, but still have stuff around - clearly it was not enough!

  4. I too purchase from Cousin, except here in Florida, its called Prima Bead (Laura Cousin owns it). I love how low their prices are, and I can actually afford to get the beads and findings that I want or need for my projects.

    I am so loaded with beads and other items for making my jewelry, that I literally have to keep them in another room in the closet, because I don't have room for them in my room. Please help with other storage ideas, as this one is great.

    I am just starting out with trying to sell my items that I have made. Any suggestions to get them to sell?

    I have a new blog here on blogger, though it only has one post at the moment, I do intend to add some of the images of my jewelry there. So please be patient when looking at my page.

  5. I love your tool box - it is perfect. I love to be organized and am happy for you! Happy beading!!

  6. This looks like the prefect solution - portable, organised and easy to find what you are after.

  7. Wow what a great solution. I love being organized.


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