Friday, May 31, 2013

Random 5 Friday

A Green Tomato

1. Growing and buying local is good but I still appreciate having access to a mango once in a while.

2. Have you ever closed your eyes and touched a cat's ear? - warm living velvet.

3. A defining moment of parenthood: hitting upon the thought that they may not achieve even their own expectations not to mention mine.

4. Personal expectations can be different then career oriented ones. That's a good thing, right?

5. Triple digits tomorrow and the green sun canopy over my garden is up.

angst [æŋst (German) aŋst]
1. an acute but nonspecific sense of anxiety or remorse
2. (Philosophy) (in Existentialist philosophy) the dread caused by man's awareness that his future is not determined but must be freely chosen
source: Collins English Dictionary



  1. I'm with you on 1, #2 yes I have and 4 they can, you are right. #3 I've never been a parent but I expect what you say is true. And good luck with the 3 in France has given me a whole new look on angst :-) I enjoyed your post.

  2. Your tomatoes are way ahead of mine. In fact, I just planted mine yesterday.

    I don't know when, but I eventually came to the realization I just wanted my boys to be happy, healthy and self-sufficient. That's more than enough.

    Thanks for joining in this week Lisa. xo

  3. Perfect description of a kitty's ear! And yes.. mmmmm mangoes! Yummy.

  4. wow, i hope you have some where to hide with triple digits coming to see you. something cool to drink as well. ( :

    since i have never been a parent before i can only say what i know from my experiences... so that being said i would hope any parent would love for a child to be happy with whatever makes them happy. of course i am speaking with in reason. life is tough any ways ... do what you love & brings you joy a lot of the time. work & play. when you live a life of making other happy (which i am in that boat) you suddenly wake up one day & think what the heck do i do now ...??? 1st you make yourself happy & hope to high heavens that your parents will support you & enjoy that you are happy, healthy & excited about what you are doing in your life, in love & in work too. gosh, i have rattled on ... later.

  5. Parenthood is so full of discoveries. After raising 5 children and now helping my boyfriend raise his 2 young boys I feel as if I might know something about it. And what I know is that....I don't really know anything at all.

  6. Number 3 is so true -- Can I quote you?... That's so wise the way you wrote it out here. Wish I had thought of it that way long time ago..when I was first starting out in my parenting life...but soon like the rest of us we learn.. wink!

  7. Great Random 5! Yep, triple digits are upon us! I'm staying inside!

  8. trying to keep it light for myself today, so #1 is true for me too...i am trying to do as much local as i can...but mango and avocado are really hard to give up. and #2...i miss my cat for a lot of reasons, but that is definitely one of the top reasons. a good 5 list...all food for thought.


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