Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beaded Rings

These past few days, I have been having some fun making beaded rings from a pattern by Melinda Barta in the Jan 2013 edition of Beadwork Magazine. I started using size #8, #11 and #15 seed beads in a peyote stitch pattern and came up with this earring design:

Nice look for summer or something sort of retro with a bikini at the beach don't you think?
Next I switched to a smaller size using only #11 and #15 size seed beads. Smaller beads make it a little more challenging to stitch but I am liking the overall size somewhat better. These earrings measure 2 inches in total length.
The rings stand up well on their own with no underlying metal ring or tubing for support. For all my beady friends, have you made beaded rings before? How did you use them in a jewelry design?


  1. There is something about a circle that I am drawn to and these pulled me right it! These are wonderful, Lisa! I like the bun on top too :-)

  2. These are so fun! There is definitely a retro vibe here. I have not tried this technique. That is amazing that there is no support ring.

  3. I like the smaller size too-I love your work

  4. Oh those are wonderful! what a great pattern!

    1. In case you are interested, the ring pattern can be found in the Jan. 2013 issue of Beadwork. There is an article by Melinda Barta, she has a book out titled: "mastering peyote stitch" and I am going to have to pick one up ;)

  5. really, you're too good at this!

  6. So very pretty Lisa. I used to make jewelry but got away from it. Love the beadwork.


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