Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Bad Beautiful Bangle Bracelets...

These bangle bracelets are not for everyone. They carry an inside measurement of 9.25 to 9.75 inches. Big, bad, and very beautiful.

The foundation is plastic tubing, making them soft, flexible and very fun to wear. Stop by my Etsy Shop for more information.

Big, Bad, Beautiful.


  1. Big, Bad, Beautiful and Bold! These bangles are so cool ... love the colors too!

  2. They are so well done!!! I love them! I heart the yellow one on etsy, it's so sunny! Have a nice sunday!

  3. They look amazing! Maybe more a work of art than an accessory.

  4. Those are wonderful! Can you make them smaller or is it a result of the material?

    1. Hi Janet, these bracelets can be made in any size. -I just happen to like them big. ... ;)

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