Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Time to Stitch Challenge...oops! a little late

Well, I did complete this little piece for the challenge but as it happens, life sometimes gets in the way and was not able to post it on time. I have an extremely good reason and hope you will forgive me for being a day late!

My peyote stitch challenge is titled "Hopes and Wishes".  - A very teeny beaded purse to hold all my hopes and wishes ;)

I decided to challenge myself in two ways: first by attempting odd count flat peyote stitch. I normally avoid it, because of the extra maneuvers you go through to obtain the even sides. Even count is much faster. But for this design using a triangle shaped closure for the purse, odd count was a requirement.

My second personal challenge was to develop my own design using a paper bead grid/graph. I always have a tough time beading with pre-made patterns, guess I am a free-form sort of person at heart. But - I did it, and I am "O.K." with how it came out...

I won't make you try to guess what the design on the back is supposed to be. It's Buddha's eyelid. Not the greatest rendition, but something I hope my Yoga friends will appreciate.

Thanks to Therese and Christine for organizing this challenge!!!!!


  1. What a neat idea Lisa. Love it! Glad to see your post, I was a bit worried lol.

  2. How sweet ... love this little purse!

  3. What a unique and wonderful design! I just love the miniature purse and the Hope and Best Wishes messages are an inspirational touch. These would make wonderful shower favors. You combined a couple different goals into one item -- creating your own peyote design as well as building the purse. Love it!

  4. What a beautiful little purse! Congrats on successfully working the odd count peyote ... I'm still an even girl and afraid to even try!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for participating in mine and Christine's challenge.
    I love the little purse you created and that you took the challenge to heart and pushed yourself to do something you would not normally do. I to shy away from odd count, but I did watch a really good tutorial on it and I think I am ready to try. Great job! Oh and no worries about being late I understand life getting in the way.

  6. Lisa, This little purse is adorable! I love it! And among us weavers, there is a deep appreciation for you working to make the grid and figuring out odd-count peyote. What a sweet and charming work of art~it puts a smile on my face :-) When I saw Buddha's Eyelid, before I read what it was I thought it was a tiny rendition of van Gogh's Almond Blossom.
    Late or early, we are glad you joined the Hop! Thanks Lisa!!!

  7. It's truly a lovely little purse, and the Buddha's eyelid...I think it's perfectly made! Have a nice day!

  8. That is so cute! I love it :) Great work

  9. I'm in awe at what you can all do w/these tiny beads - amazing!! Love the little purse - it's so perfect and yes, I can tell that it's Buddha's eyelid! I love your design!


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