Sunday, March 11, 2012

Visit to Phoenix Art Museum

Had an enjoyable drive and visit to the Phoenix Art Museum last week.  A good friend and I went to see Sacred Word and Image: Five World Religions. It was smaller than expected, but of course, somewhat thought provoking.  We had plenty of time afterwards to view the main galleries. This photo taken last week reminds me more of my previous visit quite some time ago when I chaperoned my son's fifth grade class field trip. -Something definately more in my comfort zone, full of color and very playful, a work by Karel Appel.

M. Campbell

The pink and yellow background to this photo, by the way, is not paint. It is stack upon stack of colored paper cards. Never would have guessed it, even seeing it in person -a new idea, something unexpected... and that is what I like most about going to museums.

Click here to go to Phoenix Art Museum website.

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