Monday, January 2, 2012

"Golden Eve" Necklace

Want to guess what I was out doing late New Years Eve? Toiling away in my little studio to finish this necklace and plan my New Years Bead Resolutions of course. First, I would like to share a little bit about the necklace.  It is a simple tubular herringbone stitch necklace with handmade beads that were inspired by the bead caps found in a bracelet designed by Melinda Barta and published in the June 2009 edition of Beadwork Magazine. Never know where new ideas will come from! Thank you Melinda and all you other Bead Artists out there who share ideas and provide inspiration for future work.

And now for the New Years Beading Resolution...hmm where shall I begin? Well, resolutions are usually made for the purpose of "fixing" a problem. And my problem centers on the issue of ORGANIZATION.  So many beads, so little time and some things simply get left forgotten. I am  a "one of a kind" designer but what can I say when a friend asks me reproduce something I made a few years ago in a different color?   I could not remember some of the bead counts and spent a lot of unecessary time retracing my way... Aaarg!  So this year I am starting a 2012 beading journal and this necklace is the first entry. And once again I have a very accomplished jewelry artist, Erin Simonetti to thank for mentioning the beading journal idea on her blog. Its a GREAT idea don't you think? And what would we do without these wonderful blogs?

Here is my journal. Nothing fancy ;)

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  1. Lisa, That is a beautiful necklace! Are the beaded beads like sliders can the move on the base chain? I really like the idea if the journal. I have read articles on keeping a sketch book handy so when an idea strikes you can draw what you are thinking.

  2. Thanks for the question, yes the beads can slide along the base chain. For those who prefer a more symmetrical look the beads can be gathered at the bottom.


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