Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Studio Set Up...

Artisan Whimsy is currently hosting a challenge for members to show off their efficient use of studio space with a chance to win $50 in goodies and supplies. Hey this challenge was made for me since I try to pride myself in being an efficiency nut!

My tiny studio has 5' x 6' of walkable floor space with 2 work tables set up in an L shape and one rolling stool to move easily from one station to the other as needed. Here is my main work area on a good day.  I just installed the peg board along one wall last summer and painted it a deep shade of purple.  Just love it, and provides great contrast to the cream colored walls. I have found lots of unique little hanging gadgets at the local hardware store. My favorites are the 3 heavy duty magnets which you can see in this picture are holding my most commonly used pliers. They really come in handy when working on metal/wire projects. In the upper left corner you can also see a re purposed gift wooden wine box that holds thread and seed beads.

Here is the other side of my main work area where I have a cork board which I use mainly to post inspiration photos and keep track of work in process. Can you see the time sheet? -I use it to track my time and raw materials used for each project.

My second work area is the hot station with ventilation for small solder work and baking clay. There are shelves below the table to keep my paints, chemical supplies and clay oven out of the way. It would be nice to have everything out all at once but I simply do not have the space. I find working in a small area helps me to stay focused on completing one project at a time...

So what's your studio look like? The challenge is open through November 30th if you want to jump in. Also be sure to stop by and see all the other studios here.


  1. What a fun challenge. You're the very picture of organization! Love the timesheet - I'm going to implement that idea starting with my next project. Good luck on the challenge, and thanks for the link - I'm off to check out some more studios.

  2. Your studio is so tidy! While I like to think that I aspire to such organization, truth be told, I work best in organized chaos. The funny thing is that I recently cleaned everything up... and I am more lost now than I was before!

    1. Thanks for the comment Andrew! I am sure you are not alone preferring to work with
      organised chaos. For me it would be extremely difficult- I have to set everything back in its place before I can enjoy the creative design part of making jewelry. ;)

  3. oh my lord you have a crazy clean space! Mine is usually quite a disaster zone!!

  4. Your studio looks well organised and inviting. The peg board must be a very useful addition.

  5. Thanks for coming by my blog! You are greatly organized! Love it!

  6. Love your space and use of color! That purple pegboard is terrific! I just saw a photo a couple days ago where someone had painted theirs teal. I think that's the first time it occurred to me I could actually PAINT the stuff! I don't have any pegboard yet, but just got a new work bench and I may need to have a bit now if just on principle... and paint it some wildly fun color! :-)

    thanks for sharing your space!


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