Sunday, November 4, 2012

Does Handmade Jewelry Stand the Test of Time?

Does your handmade artisan jewelry stand the test of time? Do you like jewelry made from top quality materials designed in a classic style meant to stand the test of time? Or, do you prefer to go with top trends of the season where gold filled clasps, colorful glass and even a little well made plastic is perfectly O.K.? Something to think about, but there definitely should be room for both in a personal jewelry collection, most people will say.

I often think about potential longevity when making my jewelry. And am glad I held on to a few pieces made early in my career. Here is a sterling silver necklace completed in the late 70's that I still like to wear sometimes today:

Simple clean lines can help a piece to be considered more classic in style. Perhaps for me, it is only a personal attachment. You can draw your own conclusions.

Second up is a bracelet I also made around the same time. This piece I love for the bezel work  though I have not found a reason to wear it for quite some time...

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  1. They are both amazing! I think old jewelry has a special attractiveness, so I've never thought about the longevity of a specific piece. I'll consider it from now on...


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