Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Fact Friday


Here are five simple things that I would like to share:

  1. Enjoy nature it is breath taking-  I feel extremely lucky to see hawks, coyotes, and the occasional bobcat or mule deer right from my back door.
  2. A healthy lifestyle keeps a healthy heart- For me, it's about gardening, bicycle riding, yoga and wish I could still run... I try to watch my weight but, don't ever ask me to give up a glass of wine at dinner.
  3. Volunteer- All my life, I have always had one favorite cause or another...  It just feels good to help. Have you ever packed groceries at the local food bank? It's fun!
  4. Travel- Cannot get enough of it.
  5. VOTE! - I try to do my homework on the local candidates. I have a real concern about general apathy. I watch the national campaigns and reporting coverage and am quite frankly annoyed by all the finger pointing. Regardless of all my frustrations, I would never, ever, ever give it (voting) up!

O.K., so I just found this wonderful blog courtesy of Nancy Claeys at A Rural Journal and thought I would play along. Hope you will join in too!


  1. I love your facts and your art !Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great facts. I felt the same about the little deer that sat in my yard. Thanks so much for visiting.

  3. Wonderful facts Lisa thank you for sharing. I used to live in the country and loved seeing all the wildlife taking their morning and evening strolls through the property. I try to stay active, but I'm with you on the wine deal. I always vote, but really do not like the time going up to the day we vote all the name calling and mud slinging is not for me. Love to travel! I have not volunteered at any of the local places since I was a Girl Scout in my early teens, but I do like to give what I can whether it is money or items to help out.

  4. We have a young Cooper hawk that likes to drink out of our water fountain...and hunt our little sparrows in the cedar trees. Welcome to 5 Facts Fridays!


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